Players Show 13.0. What an event it was. It felt amazing to be back out shooting cars after a hiatus of about too much time. For one day North Weald Airport ransformed into one very diverse car park.

The selection of images I’ve brought home is pretty slacking but – hear me out – I was getting back into the swing of things…it’s quality not quantity after all right? I’ll keep telling myself that.

Pictured below is Jack’s Mk4 Golf sitting on four Verein Sport Club Ones that have been finished in gold. A simple but effective contrast in colours (IG : @jack__mk4)

Maybe it was because the selection of cars to shoot were TOO DAMN HIGH. There were so many amazing builds scattered all over the place..where do you even begin? I could keep going with the excuses…


Rocking up at 2pm probably didn’t help though. Considering people began leaving at around 3pm. and with the event wrapping up at 4.30pm, I didn’t give myself much shooting time – but alas – I got one shot that I am so happy with. If you scroll down you’ll see it, I’ll let you guess what one it is.

I did do one thing right though, and that was seeing people that I haven’t seen since in ages, literally before I could grow a beard (still trying).  It was only because of my camera that, the baesauce himself, Mr. Ben Standen recognised me.

It’s not often you see a Tesla Model X on Vossen’s parked next to a slammed Volvo C30 T5 R-Design on VSKFs

Nor do you see a Tesla Model X parked next to a slammed Delorean that often

It’s safe to say I’ve caught the shooting bug again, and my love for the car scene and culture has definitely rebooted. Maybe my brain was experiencing a blue screen of death in the car department all this time? Who knows, not me.

I’d like to finish with the famous words of Mr. Corbyn

“We’re back and we’re ready for it all over again”

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