If you saw my previous post, you know it wasn’t until recently that Sam got his Toyota Soarer Z20 running. If you didn’t – now you do.

The obvious thing to do after you get your car running is to arrange a photoshoot. A photoshoot to congratulate the new working car. And what better way to show a working car than to show it driving.

So that’s what we did – after giving it a well needed clean of course.



After getting the car clean we headed out on the road. The plan was to check out two tunnels near Gatwick Airport, one not so busy but short, and one very busy but long. The short one was way too dark to get a decent image of the car, but I came out with a great moody shot which I love.


I especially love the next two images



Perfect timing with the traffic lights

First stop – the Toyota garage in the local area. Nobody seemed to have a clue about the car, but nobody asked questions or told us to clear off so that’s a good thing 


En route to our next stop we had to fill up. And also check that the engine wasn’t about to blow up. But mainly fill up

On the road again

Final stop – the UK Toyota HQ.

When we arrived we noticed there was a 2019 Supra parked up in the car park so we thought the logical thing to do is to take pictures beside it. Obviously.

A nice end to the day – old vs new.


Security had other thoughts though. 


Equipment Used

Sony A7III

Tamron 28-70

Sigma 35mm F/1.4 Art


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